Dear Friend, My name is Brittania ‘Tyga’ Bryant and I am a breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed September16, 2011 at the age of 25. I discovered my own lump at age 24 and was misdiagnosed due to my “age” and that I did not require a mammogram with no family history of the disease. I have endured a bilateral mastectomy, seven reconstructive surgeries, and a year of intravenous Herceptin treatment. Even through six rounds of chemotherapy, I stayed in good spirits. Even managing to find a way to save my hair, with the use of cold caps, all while sharing my story on social networks. Through social networks I brought attention to my peers that this disease affects our age group as well, and have been connected to several young women who have requested my assistance in their diagnosis and treatment process. Now I’m ready to extend my story even further to assist other young-women who may face this deadly disease. TygaB for Breast Cancer Inc. is catered to the specific needs of young women diagnosed with breast cancer. The focus of ‘TygaB for BC is to spread awareness, educate women on healthy lifestyle changes, and supporting individuals through the diagnosis and treatment process. Ideally I would like for the foundation to be the support system for women who need a little extra support during their fight with cancer. As well as spread knowledge to aid in the overall prevention of cancer. Brittania M. Bryant TygaB For Breast Cancer Inc. P.O Box 2422 Pompano Beach, Fl 33061 @tygab4bc

Board Members


Brittania ‘Tyga’ Bryant (Founder/Executive Director) FSU alumni and licensed cosmetologist Brittania Bryant; was diagnosed at 25 years young. Facing a cancer diagnosis at a young age after being misdiagnosed fueled her passion to be an advocate for education and early detection amongst the younger generation. Britttania has received awards from ‘Purpose Never Dies’ and recognized by the Mayor of City of West Park for her continued work with breast cancer awareness. As a breast cancer survivor, she has been proactive in promoting healthy lifestyle changes and supporting individuals in the diagnosis and treatment process.

Michelle Bryant – Martin (Co-Founder/Vice President) With the knowledge of being a parent and caretaker of a child with breast cancer; Michelle is well versed and passionate about being an advocate for breast cancer awareness. With 25 years serving HCA as Physician Support Coordinator; she has developed an unsurmountable amount of patience and dedication. She exudes that same dedication and passion in supporting individuals and care takers dealing with breast cancer.

Rekishia Moore – Redding (Treasurer) As a Business Educator Instructor at School Board of Broward County, Rekishia takes great pride in leading the youth to a bright future. Her selflessness and eagerness to learn and share knowledge transcends into her charitable work for breast cancer advocacy.


Porsche Kemp (Secretary) As a realtor, her passion is driven by facilitating individuals’ dreams and aspirations of ownership. Directly affected by loved ones who have suffered from breast cancer Porsche carries her generosity into volunteering for a greater purpose. Her love of seeing people succeed and win excels in providing support those affected by breast cancer.